Studiomaster GX 6 Channel, 200W Active PA System w/ 10\" Speakers
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Studiomaster GX 6 Channel, 200W Active PA System w/ 10" Speakers

A perfect introduction into the world of real PA, suited to any vocalist, entertainer, musician, or band for practise or playing smaller venues of up to around 100 people.


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Product Information


The Speakers...... On the frontline, the two GXA 10" speakers provide wide tonal range and unbeatable sound quality and value, with good bass thanks to the Studiomaster premium driver. Trapezoidal plywood cabinets with tough carpet covering and steel corner protectors ensure they will survive the rigours of the rock’n’roll lifestyle. Again, our standard hire kit as they are the sturdiest speaker cabinets we have found yet. With an intergrated power amplifier and mixer, the GX powered series have dedicated line in/out and microphone connections. The inbuilt 3-band equaliser offers precise tone control to reach the perfect sound.

The Mixing Console......
With 10 input channels to play with, the  LAX1002D lets you get super creative with your mix. Add some extra guitar tracks to fill out your sound, record some sweet backing vocals or drop in some samples - it’s totally up to you. Each channel has its own individual 3 band EQ, so you can dial in exactly the sound you’re after for your next demo.

GXA10 Speaker Specification:

  • Output Power :100W
  • Frequency Response: 80-18kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 120dB
  • Crossover frequency: 4kHz
  • HF Amplifier: 5W
  • LF Amplifier: 100W
  • Low frequency driver: 10"
  • HF Driver: Piezo
  • Nominal dispersion(H/V): 90° x 60°
  • High EQ: 10kHz(±15dB)
  • Mid EQ: 2.5kHz(±15dB)
  • Low EQ: 500Hz(±15dB)
  • Power Supply: 230V range: ±10% ~50/60 Hz 115V range: ±10% ~50/60 Hz
  • Size (WxHxD)mm: 350x520x260
  • Weight: 13kg (28.6lb) each

LAX1002D  Specification:

  • Channels: 10
  • Mic inputs: 2
  • Stereo line inputs: 4
  • Preset effects: 100


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