Studiomaster PAX12+ - 12\", 120W Powered Stage Monitor
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Studiomaster PAX12+ - 12", 120W Powered Stage Monitor

The PAX12+ marks Studiomaster entry into high quality stage monitoring... powerful, clear sound and great features.


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Product Information

The PAX12+ marks Studiomaster entry into high quality stage monitoring... powerful, clear sound and great features.

While researching powered monitors we asked what you liked and, more importantly, what you didn’t like about the gear that’s currently available. It was clear that everything about a stage monitor system, from the cabinet to the electronic, had to be designed specifically for the job.

The result is the PAX12+, a product worthy of the Studiomaster name and capable of giving you the performance, the sound and confidence you need.

The cabinet is angled perfectly, so you can really hear it! It also takes up less space on stage, keeps the sound more focused and that reduces the sound picked up by other mics. A strong steel grille keep your speakers safe. The hard wearing carpet covering and robust steel corner pieces all help the PAX12+ stand up to life on the road.

The two way speaker system, using a custom designed 12" low frequency driver, gives you a great sound even at high volume levels - the times when you really need to hear what’s going on.

The EQ (or tone control) circuits were designed especially for the PAX12+. This gives you lots of control and saves wasting the power of you amplifiers, reproducing the sounds you don’t need.

The biggest problem with stage monitoring is feedback, however carefully you position the cabinets. To help solve this problem the PAX12+ is fitted with a high quality, variable notch filter. This affects a narrow band of sound and you can adjust it to pick out just the frequency that’s feeding back. You can get your monitors much louder before they feed back.

The PAX12+ has balanced XLR and jack input connectors. The professional 3 pin XLR is ideal for microphones and makes it a very compact PA system for announcements or rehearsals. The jack input will accept line level signals from sources such as a mixing console. This signal is also sent to the LINK jack so you can connect to other PAX monitors.

  • Speaker: 12" custom design
  • High output, high frequency tweeter
  • Cabinet finished in black carpet covering with corner protectors, rubber feet on two sides and large scoop carry handle.
  • 35mm Top Hat
  • Size(w x h x d) 553mm x 380mm x 450mm
  • Weight:14kg
  • Input sensitivity Mic ?30dB Line ?10dB
  • EQ HI 12dB @ 5kHz Q=2
  • MID 15dB @ 1.5kHz Q=0.9
  • LO 12dB @ 90Hz Q=3.6
  • Notch filter -12dB @ 300Hz to 6kHz, Q=3.3, switchable with LED.
  • Power output 1% THD: 70 Watts @ 8 ohms, 100 Watts @ 4 ohms (when used with PX12 passive cabinet)
  • Input Impedance: Mic 6k ohms balanced
  • Line 33k ohms balanced
  • Maximum SPL: 126dB

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