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Need to create an atmosphere? Buy a fog machine! Also known as smoke machines or foggers, we stock one of the largest ranges in the UK, at cheap prices and with fast delivery. Easy to use and completely safe and non-toxic, our fog machines are available in a wide selection of types and sizes. Smaller fog machines of around 400W – 1000W are ideal for home parties and smaller venues, and are best used with light or medium density fluid, whereas higher powered units of 1000W and more will easily fill the largest pubs and clubs, and will handle the densest fluids with ease.

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Basic foggers create the traditional smoke machine effect, with dense plumes of smoke fired at intervals via a timer or handheld remote, and are ideal for a dramatic effect. Hazers output a constant, subtle mist, perfect for bringing light shows to life without overpowering a stage. In addition, we also have the latest technology in the form of low foggers which emit chilled fog to hug the floor, as well as vertical foggers which blast a thick jet of smoke straight upwards!

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