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Battery Powered Uplighters

Representing the next stage in LED lighting evolution, Astounded are proud to present a truly innovative range of fully rechargeable, battery powered LED wash and uplighting packages, all of which include everything you’ll need to achieve stunning results straight out of the box!

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At the entry-level end of our offer, our affordable LED uplight packages offer great light output and battery life, as well as easy IR remote control for quick setting of programmes and colour. Cables are included to link fixtures for a seamless show, as well as padded bags to protect your system. At the other end of the scale, we have the superb Chauvet Freedom Par and ADJ Element series, which allow limitless creativity and wireless control using amazing IOS and Android apps.

Designed and specified in-house by our expert lighting team, we are well qualified to customise any package to your exact requirements – or offer any advice you may need. Want to speak to us? Get in touch!

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