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Theatre Lighting BannerAt Astounded we love theatre, and know what we’re talking about when it comes to lighting and sound systems for theatres, drama groups and production companies. In a world of volume sales and mass market products, we understand the specialist needs and priorities of theatres, and know exactly the features a lighting fixture must have to add value to the theatrical creative process.

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We also know that trying to specify a complete lighting solution for a stage, theatre or venue can be a bewildering and confusing process. so we’ve applied our specialist know-how to bring you a range of complete theatre lighting bundles that include everything required to deliver a total lighting solution for any stage production. Whatever your budget, our theatre lighting packages include all the key lighting fixtures you’ll need, such as LED par cans, fresnels, and elipsoidals, as well as DMX and power cables, plus a range of optional rigging accessories for stage or mobile use.

We’re also standing by to offer you any advice or guidance you may need – so if you have a question, like one of our packages but need something changing, or require a bespoke quotation – don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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