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The pinnacle of entertainment and production lighting technology, LED moving heads form the mainstay of any intelligent light show. With the ability to pan and tilt around a wide axis, moving heads allow you to focus a wash of light exactly where it is needed, or create perfectly choreographed moving beam light shows that sweep and intersect in time to your music. Much like scanners, LED moving heads work to best effect when used in multiples to create a synchronised and spectacular show.

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Moving head lights can be categorised into two broad subtypes – spot, and wash. Moving head spots use a colour wheel and gobos to produce a hard edged, sharp beam in a rainbow of colours, which projects distinct patterns onto walls and floors, ideal for discos and clubs. Moving head wash lights produce a more diffuse edged beam, with a wider dispersal angle, and don’t use gobos, making them ideal for stage and band use where colour and atmosphere is more important than busy effects.

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