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A true classic disco and nightclub effect, scanner lights offer vibrant, floor filling, highly energetic effects. Using mirrors and stepper motors to produce sweeping beams of light and multicolour projections, they are guaranteed to bring your dancefloor or venue to life. Brilliant in pairs or multiples, even simple, affordable scanners can be linked to provide a synchronised, highly professional light show. Virtually all models can be linked and run without a controller, using inbuilt programmes, or if you wish to be creative, DMX control opens up endless possibilities.

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At the entry level end of our range, some of our most popular models include the ADJ Inno Pocket Scan series, and the Equinox Fusion Spot and Fusion Barrel, all of which deliver bright, quality effects beyond their price tag. For larger venues, clubs, or the DJ who has everything, we have fully featured professional DMX scanners with extremely bright LED engines, such as the ADJ Inno XP series, and the Chauvet Intimidator range, for amazing power and optical quality. If you’re unsure which is the best scanner for your needs, just contact our friendly and enthusiastic team, and we’ll tell you our current favourites!

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