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If you’re looking for stage lighting or band lighting, Astounded is your one stop shop. The range of stage lights and band lights now available to the modern performer is vast, and may seem confusing to a first time buyer. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering expert stage lighting advice, to ensure the lights you buy are ideal for your application.

We have lighting options to suit all budgets and scales of performance. Small duos and bands will love the simplicity and easy setup offered by our par bar style lighting systems, with higher output COB LED systems perfect for those acts playing on larger stages but still needing portability. For larger venues, corporate events, school stage lighting and similar, we can give expert advice on designing fully integrated and controllable, installed stage lighting systems.

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LED lighting technology has brought professional band lights within reach of even modest performances, with award-winning stage light products such as the LED Par Bar, LED par cans, LED panels and more offering superb colour wash and spot lighting in extremely portable and compact packages. LED lighting produces no heat, draws minimal power, and requires no costly lamp replacements. Either check out our LED stage light package deals, select your own band lighting, or get in touch and tell us your requirements, we will then advise on the best stage lights for your performance.

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