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If your band is going places, and you are playing large venues, concert halls and night clubs, then you need a sound to do you justice. Miking up drum kits and routing a full range of instruments through a PA system demands not only more power, but crucially, a wider range of frequency response than that provided by small PA systems. This typically means larger speakers – or a multi-speaker system with subwoofers to handle that pounding bass, whilst separate mid / top range speakers provide perfect clarity and precision in the higher frequencies.

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Typically, our large band PA systems comprise of a pair of speakers between 12″ and 15″ and bass bins when appropriate. Matched with a moderate sized mixing desk there’s an almost unlimited scope of what you can do with this kit – adding drum microphones, monitor sends, DI a bass guitar is all possible with these larger band PA systems.

All of our big band PA system packages are designed by our expert team of gigging musicians, so we know our products inside out! Of course, not everybody’s needs can be met by a package, which is why we’re always busy designing modified versions of our PA systems to meet our customers exact needs – just ask our Audio Wizard if you need any guidance on selecting the right PA system for your musical style.

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