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Modern audio technology means portable PA systems are now more affordable than ever before, as well as being easy to use for even a complete novice, and of course, very effective. Typically packing all their features into a single unit, they are ideally suited to applications such as conferences, sporting events, public speaking, dance classes, field events, and literally anything else that requires a simple, integrated PA solution for use on the move. With such a wide range of different systems available, the hardest part of the buying process is often deciding which is the one for you – which is why we’re here to guide you, over the phone, via the links below, or our fantastic ‘Which Portable PA System is Best For Me‘ guide which includes all sorts of information including FAQs!

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Smaller portable PA systems up to 50W, such as the Pulse Megamouth or Adastra H25, are primarily designed for speech and close range music / multimedia playback, and will struggle to cope with loud (i.e. disco level) music or live instruments. Larger all-in-one systems between 50W and 100W, such as the Ibiza Sound Portable PA series, use larger speakers and cabinets for a fuller, richer tone as well as additional power, and will cope admirably with parties, solo gigs, zumba classes, and other occasions that require a bit more audio muscle.

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