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Out of all the musical instruments out there, the amazing human voice is the oldest, the most versatile, and probably the most emotive. When listening to a live performance, it’s fair to say that most music fans hear the vocals first – they draw us in, they convey lyrical meaning and metaphor – they connect us to the music on a subliminal and spiritual level. Paradoxically though, getting a great live vocal sound, that cuts through over the instruments or backing track whilst retaining warmth and emotion, can be a difficult process for the newcomer to navigate.

This is where our special range of vocalist PA systems can give you an audio edge. As PA and live sound experts, we’ve considered all of the priorities to getting a good vocal sound, and designed them into our vocal and singing PA systems giving you the best singing equipment possible.

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Usually featuring smaller, more compact PA speakers than a full band system, to provide more precise and articulate audio reproduction, we’ve also given special attention to ensuring that our vocal PA systems include great quality reverb and digital effects, as well as ultra-quiet microphone pre-amps. Browse on to view our full range of packages, or follow the links above to learn more about PA systems or get advice on choosing the best option for your exact needs. Remember, we are happy to modify or customise any aspect of our PA systems to meet your needs, or design one specifically for you – just get in touch.

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