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Wireless microphones (mics), otherwise known as radio microphones or cordless microphones, have seen great advances in technology in recent years, bringing affordable wireless mics within reach of any performer. At Astounded, we have a huge variety of radio mics for sale – but how do you make the right choice when looking to buy a wireless mic?

First of all, choose from the three main types to suit your activity – handheld radio mics; headset / headband radio mics; or lapel / lavalier radio mics.

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Handheld wireless microphones need little introduction, and are perfect for live performance, public speaking, and commentary. Headset microphones are the natural choice where hands-free operation is required, such as aerobics / fitness, mobile commentary, and other active activities. Finally, lavalier or tieclip microphones offer a more discrete microphone where hands-free operation is demanded and the user is not excessively active, to reduce clothing noise.

You then have a choice of VHF microphones or UHF microphones. Whilst VHF microphones can offer excellent audio reproduction, they are more prone to external interference due to the wider range of transmissions in the VHF waveband. They can, however, offer a very affordable solution in areas free of interference or where its occasional occurance is not critical. For all serious applications except such basic or less demanding use, we recommend the use of UHF microphones, as this will dramatically reduce the risk of receiving extraneous signals.

If you’re still not sure which wireless microphone to purchase, simply give team of PA experts a call on 01524 845310 – we offer friendly, unbiased advice to help you get the wireless microphone delivered that best suits your needs.

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