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Astounded have a massive selection of powered PA speakers for sale. Sometimes known as active speakers, our powered speaker offer includes everything from 10″ active vocal speakers right through to massive powered subs or bass bins, as well as 15″ powered disco speakers and many more. Our price range runs from affordable powered speakers right through to high-end professional powered PA speakers suitable for nightclubs and venues. We carry all the key brands such as Yamaha speakers, Wharfedale speakers, Carlsbro speakers, LD Systems speakers, W Audio and many more – offering what we believe is the best range of powered PA speakers in the UK.

So, what is a powered PA speaker? Powered speakers feature onboard amplification, meaning they can be connected directly to an audio source such as a mixer or computer without the need for an amplifier. This makes powered speakers ideal for mobile use as they are very portable and quick to set up. Powered speakers also allow very flexible system configuration and ease of expansion – any mix of speakers can generally be linked without worrying about wattage or impedance matching. Bear in mind, however, that each speaker will require connection to a mains power supply. As ever, if you need any advice or assistance, just give us a call on 01524 845310 or ask our Audio Wizard

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