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Looking for a portable PA system with a CD player?

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Astounded is – which portable PA systems feature inbuilt CD players?

With a huge range of portable PA systems on the market, you’d think CD players would be a common inbuilt feature, wouldn’t you? Well, compared to the rapid growth of digital formats and wireless music streaming, CDs as a format are in serious decline. This, combined with the relative complexity and therefore cost of a CD player mechanism, means that most manufacturers don’t incorporate this feature into their standard portable PA systems.

But wait – we all still have collections of CDs – surely there must be some options out there? Yes, thankfully there are, but they’re few and far between when compared to the plethora of models with MP3 players and bluetooth, especially at the affordable end of the price scale. So, to make your search easier, we’ve decided to give you an in-depth tour of one of our favourite portable PA systems with a CD player, as well as a brief rundown of others in our range that feature this format.


Meet the QTX PAV8 PA System – our top pick for a great value, ultra-versatile portable PA system with CD player!



Well, where do we start with this superb, go-anywhere, do anything, play-anything PA system? It’s so packed full of features it’s hard to know where to start, so let’s begin with the obvious – it plays shiny round discs! Not only will the PAV8 play CDs, it will also play DVDs and has a video output, making it perfect for audio-visual presentations and even karaoke. Add to this the inbuilt USB / SD card reader and Bluetooth receiver, and you have a truly multi-format audio playback solution.

In addition to the versatile range of onboard playback formats, the PAV8 also features an inbuilt twin UHF wireless receiver and is supplied with two compatible handheld wireless microphones, allowing cable-free commentary and audience participation. If you need to keep your hands free, we offer optional belt pack transmitters with headset microphones HERE (be sure to select either 863.8 or 864.8 from the drop down though!). A brilliant feature related to these microphones is the ‘VCV’ switch – another thing we get asked about a lot! When engaged, this setting automatically and smoothly reduces music volume when you speak into the microphone, making for a very seamless and professional delivery.

If you need to use more than two microphones, that’s also no problem – the PAV8 is equipped with two additional microphone sockets, allowing you to connect a separate wireless microphone system like a Chord NU1-H or two wired microphones such as a Citronic DMC-03. If you’re a musician or live performer, you can also use these sockets to connect instruments such as guitars and keyboards, and the system features inbuilt digital echo to give your vocals that professional shine – yes, this isn’t just a conference and public speaking system, it’s also great for small live gigs! Please see below for an image of the rear of the unit – we find sometimes it’s easier to understand when you can see what we’re talking about!



Moving away from the uniquely rich feature set, we just love the ergonomics and design of this system – QTX have quite simply got it right, and have thought of everything to make storing, transporting and setting up a breeze.


Similar Products

Although there aren’t many portable PA systems with a CD player – there a couple more than just the PAV8 and we thought what better time to showcase them than alongside this all singing all dancing machine!

LD Systems Roadboy 65 


Available in both a handheld microphone version, and headset microphone version these little 6.5″ units do pack a punch! Similar to the PAV8 it can drive a slave speaker if you need a bit more volume for your function. Fantastic build quality, and running on UHF for the wireless microphones as standard for LD Systems – the Roadboy 65 is another excellent choice if you need a CD player in a small unit.


LD Systems Roadman 102


The Roadboy’s bigger brother! With a bigger 10″ cabinet this system will be slightly louder, and give a more well-rounded frequency response as it allows a bit more bass to be pushed out. Of course it allows the ability to play CDs as the rest of the products in this post, but DVD playing with a video output is still only available on the PAV8. As usual with LD Systems’ products it is a very high quality build with crisp, clear sound making it a very worthy contender for a portable system with a CD player.


Still not sure?

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Alternatively, feel free to browse our huge range of portable PA systems here:

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