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MAUI Overview

If you’re in the market for some PA equipment a little bit different – it’s well worth considering looking at the new column type systems that have taken the market by storm in recent years. Some of the most popular are those by LD Systems – known as the MAUI systems. They are packed full of features, are absolute powerhouses when it comes to sound pressure, easy to assemble/disassemble, and they just look awesome.

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How it Works

These systems consist of an active subwoofer, which then powers multiple column speakers that rest on top. Each of these columns has multiple full range speakers inside of them and a couple HF drivers at the top for extra clarity. The subwoofers have between 1-3 LF drivers delivering an excellent bass response from a smaller cabinet. All of this combined with an amazingly efficient Class-D amplifier, and state of the art DSP processing power – including a multiband limiter, means that these MAUI systems really have everything needed to pack a punch.

To better understand how these systems work – it’s worth a look behind the scenes! In the image below you can see 2 x MAUI28s side by side – one as standard, and one without its front cover, revealing the 2 x 8″ LF drivers in the sub, 16(!) x 3″ full range speakers running up the column, and the two 1″ HF drivers at the top.



These systems truly are the future of simple, portable, and powerful PA systems.



On top of the usual hardware needed to run the systems efficiently, these MAUI systems also come with a plethora of bonus features including:

Plug and Play – State of the art multi pin connectors make setting up quick and painless. No wires needed to connect the columns and sub together!



Ultra wide 120° dispersal – This means even when stood to the side of the unit, it will deliver a clear output making it ideal for front of house and on-stage monitoring at the same time!


Fantastic feedback rejection – Something that needs to be seen to be believed! These systems can be situated directly behind a microphone and still not give in to the usual squeal, within reason of course! It is worth noting that this is a huge boon to solo singers without a dedicated sound engineer as feedback is an absolute no-no during a show, and running to the mixing desk to sort out something like this can be just as bad.


LECC DSP features as touched on above – multiband Limiter to ensure that no matter how hot a signal is it won’t distort. A multiband EQ working over the whole frequency range to optimise the sound. A Compressor to again help control any distortion that might rear its head, as well as helping to achieve maximum volume output. Finally a 3-way Crossover with run time correction to make sure that the correct frequencies are being sent to the best speaker drivers within the system to handle it, as well as making sure all the signals are amplified in time with each other to create a homogenous sound.


Bluetooth Connectivity – All MAUI G2 Systems and above systems come with a Bluetooth receiver as standard, giving additional connectivity – and wireless at that!


Multi-Channel Mixer – With multiple ways of getting signal into the MAUI, there are multiple controls for mixing these signals. You can independently control any input level as well as the output volume of the subwoofer and column speakers – ensuring you get the perfect sound every time.



Additional Extras

Being easily transportable is just one aspect of the MAUI mentality. As LD Systems have released different kits that enable a lot more choice when it comes to installing these speakers to a fixed location – a parallel wall mount, a tilt and swivel wall mount, and a floor standing kit. These, as you might expect, allow the column to be separated from the subwoofer – allowing for much more varied setups. The only limitation when placing the column remotely is the length of the cable to join the sub back up.

MAUI Parallel Wall MountMAUI Tilt & Swivel Wall MountMAUI Floor Stand Mount


View the Range

LD Systems are synonymous with excellent quality products and these MAUI systems are some of the best. You have to hear them to believe how great they sound, and as such they are always on display for demos in our Lancaster showroom. You can see the full range below, all of the systems (besides the MAUI44) are available in a white casing – another great choice if they are to be installed where nearby fixtures are white – or for wedding venues etc.




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Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2018 in Blog

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