Socially Distanced, Contactless Communication Made Easy!

With increasing requirements for socially distanced communication, our development team have designed this superbly effective, fully contactless conversation system, ideal for talking through glass, screens, and barriers, as well as between rooms.

Whilst there are many basic intercom systems on the market, most are not truly contactless, and are designed for communication between a trained operator and an untrained service user. This means that the operator microphone is typically a gooseneck design, requiring close contact and push-button operation.

The ChatSafe System addresses these drawbacks and is designed to require no close contact to the microphones, or operator control, other than being switched on prior to the session.

  • Contactless boundary microphone on both sides of screen with wide sound pick-up pattern, effectively picks up the voice from 2m+ distance.
  • No button pushes required before speaking into microphone.
  • Duplex communication meaning both microphones are always on, and only feed to speaker on opposite side of screen.
  • High quality two-way speakers deliver warm and natural speech reproduction, ideal where a more conversational user experience is required, rather than a brief interaction.

The ChatSafe System is sure to be of interest to health and social care providers, public service providers, the retail and education sectors, and for countless other situations requiring isolated but personal communication.

We offer a large range of installation pa systems, all of which can be added to/customised to suit your needs.

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Posted on Thursday, July 30th, 2020 in Blog

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