TextBeam 300 Guide


So you have your brand new TextBeam 300 and you’re wondering what to do? Look no further, here at Astounded we’ve had a chance to learn how to use it so you don’t have to!

    What’s in the box?

Once opened and unpacked you should have something that looks like this:


Don’t panic! There’s quite a few components, but it should be easy to see what goes where. The most confusing part is the adapter for the keyboard, which simply plugs into the USB port as shown below.


The key needs to be inserted into the keyhole, as the machine won’t output any laser without this safety mechanism activated; and the last part of the puzzle should be the remote adapter, which plugs in and then screws tight for safety. Once this is done you should be ready to go (see picture below for reference).


    Using your new laser

Before we start tinkering – it’s definitely worth a look inside the instruction manual to get a feel for the menus and sub-menus.

Now for the fun part – actually using your brand new laser!
This first step may not be necessary for everyone – if your laser is displaying the default ‘fffff’ upside down then read on… If not, please skip this step.

You’ll want to begin by navigating to the System menu – you can do this by pressing the ‘Windows’ key on the keyboard and using the up and down arrows to scroll through the available menus, or by simply pressing the ‘Menu’ button on the back of the machine and using the up and down arrows there until the LCD display shows ‘SYS’. Press ‘Enter’ (or ‘Return’ on the keyboard) and the display should now read ‘Nirr’ which represents ‘Mirror setting’; after pressing this the laser will output two crossed arrows, an X and Y, you need to press up or down until the arrows are pointing straight up and right – just like shown below!

    Auto Modes

The laser has a number of built in programs for ease – it’s worth knowing how to access these in case you ever need them! If you navigate your way through the menus to ‘AUt’ and press enter, you’ll be given a number of ‘Aut’ sub-menus. These are laid out as following:


  • AUt1 – Auto Mode 1
  • AUt2 – Auto Mode 2
  • AUt3 – New Year
  • AUt4 – Christmas
  • AUt5 – Love
  • AUt6 – Birthday
  • AUt7 – Party
  • AUt8 – Halloween
  • AUt9 – Music
    • Sound Activated

    If you’re wanting the laser to change text in time with music then you’re in luck, as there as a whole other section to do just that. Navigate to the ‘Sou’ menu and choose which program you would like (referring to the list above in Aut, as they are the same), hit enter and presto! The laser will now use the built in microphone to listen to the music and cycle through the program in time with whatever is playing.

    Try having a play with these pre-made programs and see what this laser can do!

      Having your input!

    As cool as the presets are on this laser – we all want to have our own messages displayed proudly for our events – this is quite a simple process and you can save up to 9 different messages at any time. To do this go to the ‘txt’ menu and the standard ‘fffff’ should appear. Using your keyboard you’ll want to delete this by pressing ‘Backspace’ or ‘Delete’ until nothing is showing; then type in your own message – once happy with it you’ll need to press and hold the ‘Save+No.’ key at the bottom left of the keyboard followed by a number (between 1-9). This will save your message into that location.
    Once inputted you can make your message catch eyes in many different ways – if you look down at the supplied keyboard you should see the whole top row of keys (where the ‘F’ keys would reside on a normal keyboard) have ways to animate your message. It’s worth playing with these to see which you like, and what to remember. To use these, you just need to tap the button and wait for the machine to register.


    There’s a really cool and useful feature that lets you set your own countdown and even display your own message when it hits 0, what’s even better is that it’s quite simple to set up! To begin you’ll want to navigate to ‘Cut’, once selected your laser should be beaming out ‘0010’ as a standard setting, you can change this to any number you like by either using the up and down arrows, or by keying in the number on the keyboard. Once you’ve set the number you can select which message it will display once the counter hits ‘0000’ by pressing ‘Enter’ on the machine or the return key on the keyboard twice. This should bring up a prompt of which ‘txt’ to link to. All you need to do here is select which number your message is saved in from when we used the ‘txt’ menu and press enter again. This should now all be linked up, to begin the countdown you need to press the ‘Pause’ key on the keyboard and watch the magic!

    These are just the basics of what you can do with your Textbeam3000, expand on the knowledge gained in this guide to make your messages stand out from the rest!

    And from the team at Astounded….


Posted on Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 in News

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